Anima – To Be Invisible

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali mentions Anima (अणिमा). This ancient text on Yoga philosophy describes anima as the psychic ability to become infinitely small or subtle. “Anima” has Sanskrit roots. It comes from the work “Anu,” which means “atomic” or “infinitesimal.”

Anima Siddhi

In the context of siddhis, Anima is s the power of reducing one’s physical size or presence to an extremely tiny or subtle form. Siddhas who attain this siddhi can to themselves as small as an atom. This allows them to traverse through the smallest spaces and remain unnoticed.

How Do You Achieve Anima ?

As with all siddhis, Anima arises as a byproduct of advanced meditative practices, particularly practices that teach focus, concentration and one-pointedness of mind. It is essential to understand that the siddhis, including Anima, should not be the primary goal of spiritual practice. The true purpose of Yoga is self-realisation, inner growth, and liberation (Moksha).

Don’t Be Attached

Siddhis can be a distraction if seekers become attached to it. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali discourage spiritual aspirants from showcasing or misusing their extraordinary powers. This can lead to ego inflation and hinder the path of spiritual evolution.

More About the Siddhis

Anima is one of the eight siddhi’s in the Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. The others include Mahima (the ability to become infinitely large), Laghima (the ability to become extremely light or weightless), Prapti (the ability to acquire anything desired), Prakamya (the ability to fulfill desires instantly), Ishatva (the ability to control or manipulate elements), Vashitva (the ability to control others’ minds), and Karima (the ability to materialise objects at will).

Again, the emphasis in spiritual practice should be on cultivating inner virtues, selflessness, and understanding the nature of reality. The siddhis, if they arise, should be treated with equanimity and humility, focusing on the ultimate goal of self-realization and spiritual liberation. Seeking guidance from experienced and wise teachers can help aspirants navigate the spiritual path with discernment and wisdom.– 

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