“Aum” also spelled “Om”, is a sacred sound and spiritual symbol. Various Indian religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism use the AUM symbol.

AUM is the primordial and universal sound. It is the “sound of the universe” or “sound of creation.”

This is the symbol “Aum”, “ॐ”, in Devanagari script. It represents the essence of reality, consciousness and the ultimate reality. It represents Brahman in Hindu philosophy.

AUM chanted during meditation has profound spiritual significance. Listen to AUM chanting to feel its benefits.

The Origin of AUM or OM

“Aum” is first recorded in the Vedas. These are the oldest sacred texts in Hinduism. However the sound “Aum” was used in an oral tradition for millennia before being recorded in the Vedas’s. Its impact on the universe and human consciousness is discussed in the Mandukya Upanishad.

The concept of “Aum” is deeply rooted in Indian philosophy, particularly in the Upanishads. These are a collection of ancient philosophical texts. It is believed that the sages and rishis of ancient India discovered the significance of this sacred sound through deep meditation and spiritual contemplation.

“Aum” is considered to be the primordial sound that represents the ultimate reality, consciousness, and the entire universe. It is believed to be the sound that was present at the time of creation. It encompasses all aspects of existence, including the past, present and future. This aspect of AUM is discussed in the Mandukya Upanishad.

AUM has become a Universal Symbol

Over time, the significance of “Aum” extended beyond Hinduism and found its place in other Indian religions like Buddhism and Jainism, where it carries similar spiritual significance. Today, “Aum” remains an essential symbol in various spiritual practices and continues to be chanted during meditation and religious ceremonies by millions of people worldwide.

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