Inner Child Healing

4-6 May 2024 – Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Embark on this transformative Inner Child Healing Retreat, which seamlessly blends the wisdom of Yoga and the alchemy of self-discovery. Nurture your inner child through gentle Yoga practices and delve into alchemical processes that facilitate emotional healing.

Create a sacred space to reconnect with your authentic self, fostering growth and resilience. Join us on this profound journey toward inner harmony and unleash the alchemical transformation within.

Your inner child awaits a nurturing embrace on this path of self-love and empowerment.

Reserve your spot for a harmonious escape like no other.

Yoga and tantra retreat

Inner child healing is crucial because it addresses unresolved experiences from childhood that may impact your adult life. By reconnecting with and nurturing your inner child, you embody:
1. Emotional Healing:
Heal past wounds and traumas, allowing for emotional growth and resilience.
2. Self-Discovery:
Understand patterns of behavior rooted in childhood, fostering self-awareness and personal development.
3. Improved Relationships:
Enhance your relationships by addressing and resolving issues linked to unmet childhood needs.
4. Self-Love and Acceptance:
Cultivate a deeper sense of self-love and acceptance, promoting a more positive self-image.
5. Break Negative Patterns:
Break free from unhealthy habits and patterns that originated in childhood, fostering a healthier lifestyle.
Overall, inner child healing is a powerful process that contributes to holistic well-being, allowing you to live a more fulfilling and authentic life.
We welcome you on this journey.


Led by:

Dr Nitasha Buldeo – Researcher, Scholar, Yogi
Kyvely Vlahaki – Environmental Scientist, Yoga Nidra & Guided Meditation Facilitator

£450pp – shared twin room
£600pp – single room (fully booked)
All prices incl accommodation, all meals, workshops & classes
Not included: travel & insurance

Please note that your place on this retreat will only be confirmed once your deposit has been paid.
Deposit to be paid on booking and remainder by 31 December 2023.



Ticket TypePriceSpaces
Shared Twin Room with ensuite
per person
Single Occupancy in a beautiful ensuite room.
per person

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