New Moon Yoga

New Moon Yoga – Bedford

New Moon Yoga Practice – Bedford

The New Moon Yoga Practice, Bedford harnesses the power of the new moon to help us feel inspired and creative.

Base Chakra – Connect with the Unconscious

The Base Chakra is the first of our energy centres and forms the starting point for our development. The energy of Base Chakra begins at conception and underlies the bioenergy that enables Embryogenesis. The spinal column develops from the bottom (base chakra) upwards to the crown chakra and our organs develop along with it. The base chakra therefore provides the link between our energetic body and the physical world. The processes that the base chakra controls can occur unconsciously – leading to fear or passion, energy or slumber. These processes can govern our lives without us even realising it.

But when we learn to grow our awareness within this chakra – we enable these unconscious processes to become conscious. We can then harness their power to live inspired & creative lives.

June 28, 2022


Stagsden Village Hall

60 High St, Stagsden, Bedford, MK43 8SQ
Please bring your Yoga Mat, a warm blanket & water.





Bookings are closed for this event.

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