Womens Wellbeing Yoga Retreat

26 -31 May 2024


The IYogaa Womens’ Wellbeing Yoga Retreat in Catalonia, Spain combines Yoga, Martial Arts & Nutraceuticals to optimise your wellbeing – mind & body. In this powerful retreat, you will discover your best self. You will discover how to achieve & maintain your wellbeing & fitness goals.
Our accommodation is a beautiful Catalonian Castle. Magestic, our Castle is situated atop a luscious green hill in Catalonia. You will embody the power & grace of this amazing space. There will be daily wellbeing workshops and various life-enhancing practices.
All food on the retreat is local, organic & nutritious. You will also learn how to use supplements, plant remedies & self therapies to delay the signs of ageing & overcome the negative effects of the menopause. All activities, classes, food  & workshops on this retreat are designed to optimise your wellbeing – physically & mentally.


Included in your Women’s Wellbeing Yoga Retreat:

Accommodation in a Catalonian Castle
Personalised Meals Daily + Drinks & Snacks
Daily Interoceptive Yoga & Body Tone/Scupt Classes. Nature Walks, Meal Preparation  Classes
Optional Women’s Wellbeing Workshops are incl: Menopause, Ageing Gracefully, Skin Health through the Ages, Stress Management
Marmapuncture to help boost metabolism & rebalance your body. 
Each Participant will create their own Personalised Wellbeing Plan during the retreat.
Transfers from Barcelona Airport
You would need to be at Barcelona Airport by 13h00 on 26 May 2024
You will return to Barcelona Airport on 31 May 2024 at 2pm. Please book flights or transfers appropriatly.
*Not Included:





Womens Yoga

Womens Wellbeing Yoga Retreat

Womens Wellbeing Yoga Retreat




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