Yoga & Self Awareness Retreat Peru

Yoga & Self Awareness

15 – 25 September 2024

Machu Picchu & the Amazon, Peru

Trek the centuries old sacred path to Machu Picchu & explore deep in the Amazon Rainforest to experience the wonders of this undiscovered universe. Also visit the sites of the Sacred Valley & experience the  culinary delights of Cusco.  

Yoga Retreat Peru


Stay 2 nights in Cusco to accommodate to the altitude & experience this amazing city.  

Full Day Tour of the Sacred Valley

4 day trek to Machu Picchu 

4 day trek through the Amazon Jungle – meet local tribes & animal residents. 

All meals & drinks provided on both treks.

Yoga, Meditation & Sound Healing classes daily.

Not Included: 
Flights, Visa’s & travel insurance.

Add On – Extra Charges Apply*

  1. Ayahuasca Ceremony with a curanderismo – Shipibo Shaman*
  2. Extra nights at hotel in Cusco*
  3. Visits to Lake Titicaca & Floating Islands*
  4. Visit to Nazca Lines*

Yoga Retreat Peru - Cusco

Yoga Retreat Peru - Llama

Yoga Retreat Peru - Quero


Day 1  

Arrive in Cusco & relax at our hotel. You will have a briefing & backpacks provided for the trek. 

Day 2

Breakfast and tour of the Sacred Valley. Lunch will be provided. Dinner not provided. 

Day 3  

Early morning pickup for our Machu Picchu trek. You will carry your backpack that was provided – all extra luggage will be stored. 

Day 4-6  

Machu Picchu trek. You will arrive at the Sun Gate on morning of 20 September. Afternoon transfer back to Cusco. 
Relax at hotel in Cusco – Dinner not provided. 

Day 7  

Early morning pickup – drive to Amazon Basin. We will stop for breakfast at a beautiful Incan Village – the location for the Festival of the Sun. Lunch at Basin & overnight stay in a village that borders the Rain-forrest. 

Day 8-10  

Amazon Trek.  Please note that from this point onwards our journey will be via boat on the Amazon river. We will stop at various locations & trek. At night we will make camp on sleep decks in the jungle. 

Day 10 

Drop off late afternoon in Cusco


Our accommodation in Cusco is a beautiful, Incan hotel. 
And accommodation on treks are beautifully constructed tents & sleeping platforms. 
You get to experience the open sky & hear the sounds of the Peruvian jungle.. 

Yoga Retreat Peru - Cusco City

Yoga Retreat Peru - Llama

Yoga Retreat Peru - Moray

Yoga Retreat Peru - Making Fabric


All food is local, organic & nutrigenomic. Prepared onsite by our in-house chefs.

Fresh, nutritious & delicious. Enjoy farm to table gourmet dinners and energising, nutritious brunches.
We will also use natural nootropics – plant substances that increase cognitive function. This can include your mood, productivity or attention span.
Breakfast & Lunch will be provided daily & all meals will be provided on the treks.
Dinner will not be provided on the 3 nights that we stay in Cusco. A list of restaurants will be provided. This will give you a chance to explore the culinary delights of Cusco. 

Animals You Will See in the Amazon Rainforest

Yoga Retreat Peru - Blue & Yellow Macaw

Yoga Retreat Peru - Squirrel Monkey

Yoga Retreat Peru - Jaguar

Yoga Retreat Peru - Pink River Dolphin

Our Team & Guides

This retreat will be led by Dr Nitasha Buldeo & her team of experienced guides. 

Nitasha trained with the Peruvian Quero Shamans & has spent considerable time in the Amazon Rainforest trekking with shamans & meeting the indigenous tribes. 

Joining us on the Machu Picchu trek is Susan & Chico. Susan has been leading treks for over 20 years. We will also have our team of porters – carrying our tents & luggage as well and our chefs. 

And Able & team will join us on our Amazon adventure, The boating team have been navigating these waters for over 35  years & our team of chefs understand the edible flora & fauna of the jungle. You will be invited to try wild herbs & tribal delicacies. 

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Single/Double bed in a shared room/tent. Per person


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