Full Moon Yoga – The Benefits


The Cycles of the Moon

By understanding the cycles of the moon, you come to learn why Full Moon & New Moon Yoga is so important.

Every month, the moon begins a new cycle around the earth. This starts with the New Moon. At this phase the moon stands between the earth and the sun and is therefore invisible to the human eye. From this point the moon goes into a waxing phase (appears more and more complete) until it is seen as a Full Moon. It appears full because the moon is in direct line with the earth – with no obstruction.  And, after the full moon the moon retreats into its waning (seems to start disappearing) phase until we once again have a New Moon.



Since prehistoric times, the Full Moon has been celebrated for its magic, mystery and special energy. And there is a special energy to the Full Moon. When theres no Sun between the Earth and Moon – we experience the full gravitational pull of the Moon. For people who have been sensitive to it –  it represented a time to gather in community, release unwanted energies and acknowledge all that we have created since the previous New Moon. 

Full Moons are energetic periods to create change in our life. This is a powerful time for letting go of unwanted energy and releasing what doesn’t serve. The Full Moon amplifies the effects of our actions, thoughts & meditation. Our emotions and energies are brought to conscious light so that we are able to work with them. 

Astrologically, full moons are a time to take action. When the moon is at its brightest we are energised. We can initiate the work needed to manifest our dreams, to turn our inspired ideas into action. The light of the Full Moon when used correctly serves as a powerful conduit to help us focus and shift our energy. 



Specific Yogic practices are a powerful tool to harness the power of the Full Moon. These practices have been around for many centuries. Evidence of Moon worship has been uncovered at archaeological digs all over the world. From the ancient Celts to the Egyptians – moon rituals were popular. The most common Moon symbol was the lunar disc. This is a flat, shiny plate worn as a medallion or as part of a crown. In many Yogic traditions a white pearl is the symbol of both the Full Moon & Enlightenment. Historically many great figures like the Buddha & Indian Mystics, Yogi’s & Shamans have received their enlightenment or wisdom on a Full Moon night – after completing the necessary practices.  



Practising specific types of Yoga flows & meditations during a Full Moon aligns your energy with this lunar phase allows you to feel grounded, fulfilled & peaceful. This creates the mental & physical ground for higher awareness. Evening is the best time to practise Full Moon Yoga. 


Dr Nitasha Buldeo has created classes and workshops based on decades of studying with Yogi’s whom have mastered Moon Yoga and from her personal experience of this profound practice. She believes in connecting with the power of nature, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon & all the other planets to lead classes in specific energetic locations that increase the potential for participants to experience real transformation & deep wisdom. 


Experiencing the power of the Full Moon can be a very powerful way for your own self-development. You will learn to put your life into context of the cycles of nature. And in time you will learn to use these powerful natural forces to heal yourself, fulfil your dreams & create positive change. 


 The Full Moon always marks a time of change and re-birth. It is a perfect time to let go of the things that are holding you back from living your best life and reaching your fullest potential. 


In the 48-hour window surrounding a Full Moon – attend a Full Moon Yoga class or workshop. Or create a sacred space for yourself by taking a candle-lit bath or a Moonlit dip in a natural lake. Then do some journaling focusing on your inner potential . It is then important to celebrate with others by creating a sharing circle plus moving, meditating and manifesting together. 

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