Garima – Immovable

Garima (गरिमा) or the power to be “immovable” is one of the siddhis mentioned in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, an ancient text on Yoga philosophy. Garima is the psychic ability to become very heavy or weighty. It enables you to be immovable physically and mentally. It underpins strength in the physical sense and mental resolve.

Physical Weight & Density = Strength

In the context of siddhis, Garima represents the power of increasing one’s physical weight or density to the point of becoming extremely heavy. Practitioners who attain this siddhi are believed to have the ability to exert great physical force and possess immense strength.

Mental Weight & Density = Resolve

Garima also represents the power to increase ones mental weight & density. This leads to resolve and fortitude. Makes one resilient in adversity. Knowing how and when to use this siddhi helps one achieve success through the greatest challenges.

Garima – Strength to be Immovable comes from Advanced Meditation

As with all siddhis, Garima arises as a byproduct of advanced meditative practices, particularly practices focused on concentration and one-pointedness of mind. However, it is important to understand that the siddhis, including Garima, should not be the primary goal of spiritual practice. The true purpose of yoga is self-realization, inner growth, and liberation (Moksha).

Don’t Misuse this Power

Like other siddhis, Garima can be a distraction if seekers become attached to or fascinated by it. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali advise spiritual aspirants to avoid being drawn into showcasing or misusing these extraordinary powers. This can lead to ego inflation and hinder the path of spiritual evolution.

The Other Siddhi’s

The Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras discusses 8 siddhis. Garima is one of them. The others include Anima (the ability to become infinitely small), Mahima (the ability to become infinitely large), Laghima (the ability to become extremely light or weightless), Prapti (the ability to acquire anything desired), Prakamya (the ability to fulfill desires instantly), Ishatva (the ability to control or manipulate elements), and Vashitva (the ability to control others’ minds).

Approach the Siddhi’s with Caution

Spiritual practice aim to cultivate inner virtues & enable you to understand the nature of reality. This Siddhis are a byproduct of this. If they arise treat them with equanimity and humility. The ultimate goal is self-realisation and spiritual liberation. Seeking guidance from experienced and wise teachers can help aspirants navigate the spiritual path with discernment and wisdom.

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