Himalayan Trek – Ganges Glacier – Why I Love It?

Having completed the Himalayan Trek – Ganges Glacier, I found myself speechless. People have asked why I love this trek and I finally attempt to answer here. But after numerous treks I still don’t do it justice.


1. The Ganges Glacier

The Ganges glacier opening is as high as a ten-storey building. Huge chunks of ice, continuously fall with thunderous sounds from the mouth of the glacier, the ground reverberating with every fall.

Below, the opening of the glacier is a cavern, from which the Ganges flows. This sight is spectacular, filling you with awe and an intuitive understanding of creation.

Traversing the glacier from one end to the other is exhilarating. The surface of the glacier is a maze of crevasses. Some so small that you hardly notice them and others big enough to engulf you.

Look down into some of the big crevasses and the colour of the ice is green with a bluish tinge, look deeper and you notice sparkles within an abyss. Its truly magical and much better than looking down Alices’s rabbit hole.

Navigating these crevasses requires that you literally tip-toe to the other side. But then you get to Tapovan and the views are awe inspiring. This adventure will stay with you forever. It is fun & sometimes scary – but so worth it.

2. Tapovan & The Views of Mt Shivling and the Bhagirathi sisters

You will never forget the moment you get to Tapovan. Seriously every person that views Tapovan just stands rooted to the spot. It takes a while to process the splendour.

You witness something that’s impossible to describe. Right in front of you, less than a stone’s throw away lies the entire Mt Shivling from its base to summit. Its humbling & empowering at the same time. And our bodies need time to process this dyssynchronous but heightened sensations.

Mt Shivling is no ordinary mountain. It is the most beautiful mountain. Like a beautiful young lady with her slender neck & head held high, Mt Shivling stands with grace and elegance.

You understand why photographers travell from across the globe to take pictures of this majestic mountain.

And if you think that your overwhelmed senses need a break. Then you would be disappointed.
On the other side, right across the Ganges glacier, sits the Bhagirathi sisters. Three summits in one massif. And even though Mt Shivling is the epitome of a beautiful mountains, the Bhagirathi sisters will hold your attention longer.

There are three sisters: Bhagirathi I, II and III. All of them nestle together in one isolated massif — and the entire spectacle is visible from its base to its summit. You don’t see such mountain views in any other part of the world.

And it is at this moment that the grandeur of Tapovan hits you. You are not just trekking in the largest, highest mountain range in the world, but you are witnessing something utterly unique. In trekking circles, there is a list of grand mountain vistas and this view from Tapovan is in most mountaineers top 3.

3. The Sunrise and Sunset

I love sunrises and sunsets period. It evokes deep emotions in me, often bringing me to tears.

And the sunrise & sunset on Mt Shivling are amongst the most spectacular. A photographers dream. Mt Shivling is perfectly angled to receive the most divine sunrises and sunsets. The sun throws such fascinating colours on the Mt Shivling, making it moody, sultry and magical at the same time.

I don’t believe the there is a more spectacular show than sunset at Tapovan. You witness the sunset on the Bhagirathi sisters as well as Mt Shivling. And in all honesty you will not know which one to focus on. Neck strain from turning side to side is the only negative in this setting. As a sunset lover, this is one of the best sunsets that I have seen.

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