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Neurohacking, is a broad umbrella term that encompasses anything that involves “manipulating brain function or structure to improve your experience of the world.


What Is Neurohacking?

Neurohacking is also called cognitive enhancement (CE) or neuroenhancement. It is a branch of biohacking that focuses on upgrading one’s brain activity, thinking skills and mood. 

This isn’t just a 21st-century concept. Humans throughout history have tried to improve their memory, their focus, their creativity, their motivation, and their behaviours for millennia. That’s what the ancient Yogic movement was about. 

Science of today backs up the idea that we can modify our mental capacity. According to research on neuroplasticity, the brain is more software than hardware. That is, it’s perfectly capable of forming new neural pathways and making fresh connections based on various inputs. 

Neurohackers want to be smarter, more focused, less depressed, and more productive, plus live fuller more joyful lives.. They also want to avoid the cognitive decline that comes with age. 


How do you do it? 


According to a comprehensive paper on the subject, these interventions can be clustered by type of biohacking strategy: biochemical, physical, and behavioural enhancement. 



Here are some popular biohacks:

      • Nootropics. Nootropics, also called “smart drugs,” are supplements marketed to improve cognitive performance.  

      • Nutritional neuroscience. This approach includes eating habits as well as dietary supplements. Biohackers might use caffeine or glucose to increase alertness, for example. They may use traditional herbal remedies like green tea’s L-theanine compound. And of course there’s “raw water.”

      • Mnemonic techniques. Neurohackers might try to enhance their learning and memorization skills with strategies like spaced repetition

      • Video games. Some digital games and computer programs are marketed to improve specific cognitive skills.

      • Meditation. Neurohackers might meditate to enhance their emotional regulation and executive functioning. 

      • Sleep. Sleep is essential for cognitive health. 

      • Exercise. Exercise regimes can aid attention and focus. 

      • Cultural activities. Learning an instrument or a second language can boost creativity.

      • Fasting. Many biohackers employ caloric deprivation for weight loss, improved concentration, and even longer life spans. They may also try dopamine fasting
      • Yoga. Yoga is one of the oldest neurohacking & biohacking tools. There are multiple Yoga practices that could be used to enhance very specific cognitive functions. Yoga also teaches physiological and emotional regulation. 
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