Siddha Practices

Siddha practices encompass a wide range of spiritual, yogic and alchemical techniques. They are used to attain spiritual realisation, self-transformation and higher states of consciousness


These practices are deeply rooted in the ancient Siddha tradition.


Here are some key aspects of Siddha Practices

1. Yoga and Meditation

Siddha practitioners emphasize the practice of yoga and meditation as essential tools for self-realization and spiritual growth. These practices involve physical postures (asanas), breath control (pranayama), and meditation techniques to purify the mind, awaken spiritual energies, and attain inner stillness.



2. Rasayana (Alchemy)

Siddha alchemy, also known as Rasayana, involves the preparation of medicinal formulations using metals, minerals, and herbs. These formulations have rejuvenating and therapeutic effects on the body and mind. They promote health, longevity and spiritual transformation.



3. Pranayama and Kundalini Awakening

Siddha practitioners engage in various pranayama techniques to control and channel the life force (prana) within the body. Additionally, their aim is to awaken the dormant spiritual energy known as Kundalini. This energy lies at the base of the spine. With the correct practice this energy flows upwards along the spine or to specific areas of the body.



4. Mantra Chanting

Chanting of sacred mantras is a common practice among Siddhas. Mantras are powerful sound vibrations that have transformative effects on the practitioner’s consciousness and can lead to higher states of awareness.


5. Internal Alchemy

Siddha practitioners engage in internal alchemy, wherein they seek to purify and transmute the physical body and mind to achieve spiritual awakening and self-realization.


6. Healing Practices

Siddha traditions also include various healing practices, where Siddha masters use their knowledge of alchemical preparations and herbal medicine to treat physical and mental ailments.


7. Spiritual Discourses

Siddha gurus impart spiritual wisdom and guidance through discourses and teachings, passing down the esoteric knowledge of the tradition to their disciples.


More about Siddha Practices

Siddha practices are highly esoteric and often transmitted through direct interaction from a realised guru to a disciple. Siddhas believe that dedicated and disciplined practice enables you to achieve self-realization and spiritual liberation. If guided by the wisdom of an enlightened master this journey becomes easier. These practices continue to be revered and followed by sincere seekers who are drawn to the mystical and spiritual heritage of the Siddha tradition.

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