Siddhas are intuitive healers

Siddhas Are Intuitive Healers

Siddha healers possess intuitive abilities. They have a deep understanding of the subtle energies within the body and mind. This allows the healer to access non-verbal, non-linear sources of information to diagnose and treat ailments.

How Siddha Healers use Intuition

1. Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis is a crucial component of Siddha medicine. Experienced Siddha healers interpret the pulse with great sensitivity and intuition. They identify imbalances and energy disturbances in the body by feeling the pulse.

2. Energetic Diagnosis

Siddha healers perceive and diagnose imbalances in the energetic body. They perceive the flow of prana (vital energy) and the state of the chakras (energy centres).

3. Observation and Insight

Siddha healers were keen observers and possessed the ability to discern subtle signs and symptoms that might not be evident to the ordinary eye. Their intuitive insight allowed them to make connections and understand the root causes of health issues.

4. Mind-Body Connection

Siddha healers recognized the close interconnection between the mind and body. Their intuitive abilities helped them understand how emotional and mental factors could influence physical health.

5. Individualised Treatment

Siddha healers employed intuition to tailor treatments to each individual’s unique constitution and health condition. They would consider not only the physical symptoms but also the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of the person.

6. Holistic Healing

Intuition played a role in identifying the underlying imbalances in the body and addressing them from a holistic perspective. This included the use of herbal remedies, therapies, yoga practices, and lifestyle recommendations.

7. Empathy and Compassion

Siddha healers’ intuition enable them to deeply empathise and experience compassion for their patients. This emotional attunement allowed them to connect with their patients on a deeper level and provide personalized care.

Siddha Healers use there Intuition & More

It is important to note that while intuition is a significant aspect of Siddha healing, it is complemented by the healer’s extensive knowledge of traditional healing methods, herbal medicine, and the principles of Siddha medicine. The intuitive insights of Siddha healers are honed through years of dedicated practice and experience. They have worked in close collaboration with other experienced healers to refine their skills.

Today, Siddha medicine continues to be practiced in certain regions of South India, and some traditional healers carry forward the ancient knowledge and intuitive practices of their ancestors. While modern medicine relies heavily on evidence-based approaches, traditional healing systems like Siddha medicine emphasize the integration of intuition and experiential wisdom in the healing process.

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