Yoga’s Best Kept Secret

Chakra Yoga or Kundalini is Yoga’s best kept secret. It helps you understand your spine, breath and bio-physiological energy or prana within the body. And working with this threefold system is empowering.


Gravity & Our Bodies

Gravity is like a magnet attracting us to the earth. But this attraction is not limited to pulling us down. This attraction to the earth allows us to stretch in the opposite direction towards the sky. It is the effect of gravity on our bodies that makes it possible for us to extend our spine and reach for the skies. 

This natural process is not just present in human beings but in all upright living things, including trees, plants. The roots are pulled deeply downwards while the trunk grows upwards, expanding into the branches even higher above. The deeper the roots penetrate the ground, the taller & stronger the tree can grow. And this is Yoga’s best kept secret.


Yoga’s Best Kept Secret – Reach Lower to Aim Higher

Above the surface of the earth, through its leaves or some arial roots, the tree receives air, rain & sun.  Below the surface of the earth, the same trees’ roots absorb water & minerals giving it strength & nourishment. 


The Split in the Human Body

The point where the tree touches the earths surface corresponds in the human body to the waist or solar plexus chakra (Manipura). This is the lumbar spine (vertebra L1-5). It is at this area the human spine can move in both directions.  The sacrum below it is fused bone, strong but with limited movement and pulls L5 downwards, but from this point the spine can also be extended upwards and can rotate left or right or extend laterally. 


Growing in Two Different Directions Keeps us Stable

We can easily understand the effect of gravity with apples falling to the earth. But understanding how trees and humans grow in two directions is challenging. This difficult to understand cosmic opposing but dynamic movement that both obeys & defies the laws of gravity also keeps planets in their orbits and galaxies in their positions. 

Gravity attracts a planet, and it is this very attraction that gives each planet the ability, stability & freedom to rotate in its very own rotation. 


The Importance of Yogic Breathing

Each Yoga asana is accompanied by breath in a specific manner. Inhalation allows the spine to elongate, defying gravity. And exhalation allows you to relax into the length without effort. You obey gravity. This is the importance of the IYogaa Yogic Breathing Technique – honouring both directions of growth with every breath. 


Defying Gravity & Harnessing the ‘Anti-Force’

Human growth – mental, physical, or spiritual – only occurs when muscles are not activated by tension or effort. To grow, you need to discover a much more powerful wave of extension which is produced by gravity & breathing. Instead of force, we learn to use “anti-force”. This unlocks a new flow of energy, an “anti-gravity reflex”, like the rebound of a rubber ball. A spontaneous, powerful energy that pulls you `up effortlessly, powerfully. 

Yoga’s Best Kept Secret – Chakra Yoga

This anti-gravity reflex is extraordinarily powerful. It leads to an unexpected opening, an opening within us that energises the spine and allows the body to reawaken into another dimension. This is the secret of Kundalini or Chakra Consciousness. 


Chakra Consciousness Program – Yoga’s Best Kept Secret

But to fully experience our growth in both directions we need to expand into our roots in as much as with extend into the heavens. Our Chakra Consciousness Program is a 7-week program that works on the deep muscles of the body to lengthen & strengthen the spine bringing awareness and freedom in all directions of movement & thought. 


Moon Phase Yoga & Chakra Consciousness

Our Moon Phase Live & Online classes work on specific areas of the spine. Gravity & the moon cycle impacts the spine.  At different times of the moon cycle this effect on our bodies is different. We harness this understanding to empower your body and mind in to achieve its unique potential during Moon Phase Yoga.


New Moon & The Unconscious

Our New Moon classes work on that which lays below the surface – the base & sacral chakras. These powerful classes allow you to free & strengthen your glutes, legs & lower back. Releasing tension and facing fears, it allows you to investigate your mental unconscious. The mental unconscious refers to activity that we cannot access through introspection but which conditions our conscious thoughts, feelings & behaviours (Eagleman,2011)

And looking into our unconscious is a powerful tool for creativity & growth. While Yoga & Tantric practices have historically postulated the need to access the unconscious & various psychoanalytic schools in the west have acknowledged its important in middle of the 20th century – the scientific medical community have always frowned upon it. However over the last decade with the advances in neuroscience – researchers are beginning to understand that unconscious process underly every fundamental high level conscious process from the choices we make, the attitudes we hold, the impressions we see,  how we view & pursue our  goals, (Hassin, 2013Dijksterhuis & Nordgren, 2006). Yoga combined with interoceptive techniques is a powerful way to unlock these unconscious processes as they bypass conscious processing. We work with your body and breath to overcome the limitations of your conscious processes (ego) to access your unconscious processes. And here lies a powerful source of creativity & growth. 


Learn More about our New Moon Classes.


Full Moon & Awareness, Insight, Intuition

Science does not understand intuition. Yet no scientific breakthrough exists without some sort of intuition on the part of the scientist. This intuition comes through as a feeling, a dream, an imagination, a vision, hallucination, reverie, impulse, insight, instinct. And while we do need rational thought to review and refine the intuition – without the intuition there would be nothing to think about.

Our Full Moon Yoga classes harnesses the powerful effects of our bodies and our own intuitions & instincts. This powerful physical and emotional process is influenced by the full moon. We all feel more moody during this moon phase, let learn how to unpack to moodiness for our personal development.


Lean More about our Full Moon Classes

IYogaa offers Yoga classes for all levels and needs.

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