3 DAY GUT CLEANSE Virtual Weekend Retreat

This 3 DAY Detox Program is the most complete GUT Cleanse & Detox. 

Based on ancient Yogic Cleansing practices – this Detox will get your skin glowing,  your energy levels up & your immunity improving.

It has been shown to improve symptoms of IBS, candidiasis, polycystic ovarian syndrome – PCOS. It also reduces bloating, stimulates metabolism to activate weight loss.  

Women with a strong core doing a gut cleanse
Clean your entire GUT

This intense Gut Cleanse involves complete bowel emptying. Please read the *restrictions to ensure you are able to participate. You will also be given instructions on how to reintroduce foods over the 7 days following the cleanse to build a healthy Gut Microbiome.

Trillions of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and other microbes in your digestive tract make up your Gut Microbiome. A healthy Gut Microbiome is your single most important way to feel energised, radiant and to function at your best. This weekend Gut Cleanse helps clear away debris in your Gut and enables you build a healthy Gut Microbiome.

*Restrictions – this Gut Cleanse is not suitable for anyone on a low sodium diet. It is also not recommended to anyone with cardiac or kidney disease. If you are uncertain if this cleanse is suitable for you – please speak to your health care provider. 


Led by: Dr ‘s Vishal Naidoo & Nitasha Buldeo

Dr Vishal Naidoo is an International Primary Care Physician with an interest in Performance Medicine. He works with elite athletes and military personal to optimise their performance. 

Dr Nitasha Buldeo is an Integrated Medical Practitioner, Research Scientist and Yogi. Founder  IYogaa, Organic Apoteke & the Centre for Exceptional Human Performance. She researches human potential and delivers programs that encourage complete mind-body wellbeing.


Vishal Naidoo
Dr Nitasha Buldeo

The Weekend Program

1 week before this program commences you will receive a list of ingredients that you need to purchase to complete the cleanse. 

On the morning of Day 1 you will receive your recipe book containing all recipes. 

Day 1 

17h00 – Prepare your Kitchari for dinner – recipe will be provided. 

18h00 – Introduction Webinar via Zoom 

18h30 – Relaxing Yoga Class via video link. 

19h30 – Dinner of Kitchari that you would have prepared earlier in the afternoon. 

21h30 – Yoga Nidra to relax & deepen your sleep via audio recording.

Day 2

7h00 – Preparation of Salt Cleanse. Recipe 

7h30 – Start Yoga Exercises & Salt Gut Cleanse

10h00 – Cleanse ends & you need to relax. 

13h00 – Lunch of Kitchari

18h00 – Yoga via video link.

19h00 – Dinner

21h30 – Yoga Nidra to relax & deepen your sleep via audio recording.


Day 3

8h00 – Yoga via video link to energise the body. 

9h00 – Breakfast smoothie – recipe & video tutorial provided. 

10h30 – Food Re-Introduction Seminar. Our experts will answer your questions & guide you to achieving optimal results following this Gut Cleanse. 

11h30 – Closure 




Please note that you will need to follow the 7 Day Food Reintroduction program that helps you build a healthy Gut Microbiome.

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