The iYogaa Performance Program is a 12 week program of daily yoga classes – alternating between morning and evening. 

Based on a lifetime study of Yoga with Masters in the Himalaya’s and over 6 years of research to test its outcomes, this program is designed to show results. 

The iYogaa Performance Program can improve mental and physical skills. This program improves sport, dance or special task performance as well as mental and emotional intelligence. Try one of our deeply relaxing or strengthening classes to discover more. 

The iYogaa Performance Program is based on a fusion the classical Himalayan Siddha Yoga tradition and the neuroscience of Interoception. By fusing ancient Yogic wisdom with modern science, we are able to offer a program that is deeply spiritual and transformative at the highest level while also showing results on objective physical and mental performance measures. It ideal for anybody who is performance driven and wants to function at their best. 

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