Get glowing with this 3 day Gut Cleanse Online

including a 7 day Food Re-Introduction Plan                  + Online Yoga Classes.

Why You Need a Gut Detox?

Years of unhealthy eating causes residues of fat, undigested food particles & wastes to accumulate in the small folds of your GUT.  This causes:

  • inflammation

  • weak immune system 

  • poor metabolism.

Our Gut Detox is based on a centuries old Yogic cleansing practice called Shankprakshalana. This cleanse can be compared to colon hydrotherapy (CH) without the invasive process of having a hose inserted into your rear end.

Furthermore this cleanse is more complete than colonic hydrotherapy because it works on the whole digestive system.  CH does not go beyond the colon.

Benefits of the 3 Day Gut Cleanse

1.   It cleans the entire gut.

2.  It improves digestion and reduces bloating.

3. It boosts the metabolism for weight loss and supports the immune system.

4. It enables you to build a healthy Gut Microbiome.


“Shankaprakshalana (GUT CLEANSE) purifies the body.
By practicing with care, one gets a luminous or shining body.”

(Gheranda Samhita)

Who is this Gut Cleanse for? 

Those feeling bloated, de-energised or demotivated.

It is also suitable for those who want to kickstart their metabolism for weight loss. 

It is one of the most intense detoxes and is recommended for those who want to clear out their bodies and begin a healthier wellbeing plan. 

Gut Cleanse

Who should avoid this Gut Cleanse?

This Gut Detox requires you to consume higher than normal amounts of salt and is not suitable for those with Chronic Peptic Ulcer, Ischaemic Heart Disease, Severe Hypertension and Kidney disease. It is also not suitable for anybody on a low sodium/salt diet. It should also be avoided if you are weak or debilitated. Please contact your primary healthcare provider, if you are unsure if this Gut Detox is suitable for you.

Why choose the IYogaa Gut Cleanse? 

We have simplified the process of this Gut Detox  by using the IYogaa MyoRelease technique to reduce tightness, contractions and trigger points in the abdominal area. This makes the cleansing easier and faster.  We have also developed a method of Food Reintroduction to help you rebuild a healthy Gut Microbiome.  

Our Gut Detox Virtual Weekend retreat is followed by food guidelines for the week that follows.

The Gut Detox leaves you more energised, focused and motivated. 

The Gut Cleanse Virtual Weekend Retreat includes:

  • 48-hour Complete Gut Detox.. 
  • 4 Yoga classes on video to support you through the program.
  • Yoga Nidra based Guided Meditation to help you get a deep & restful sleep. 
  • Live support of the Shankprakshala (Yogic Gut Cleanse) via Zoom.
  • GUT Health webinars from our experts
  • 7 Day Food Reintroduction Plan
  • Workshop and Recipe Book to help you reintroduce foods in the week that follows. Best results are experienced if you follow the recommended Food Reintroduction Plan. 
  • Support throughout the programme.

What previous participants say about the Gut Cleanse Program?